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Find this discount at JoJo Maman Bebe

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Shipping Country Base cost - Under 3kg £ per kg Over 10kg Delivery Times
Zone 1 Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Monaco £6 £0.78 £25 5-7 working days
Zone 2 Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Slovakia £8 £0.97 £35 5-7 working days
Zone 3 Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Greece, Italy, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Croatia £15 £3.58 £65 5-7 working days
Zone 4 Cyprus, Malta, Norway £20 £2 £85 5-7 working days
Shipping Country Base cost - Under 2kg £ per 0.5kg Over 10kg Delivery Times
USA USA £28 £2.29 £100 7-10 working days
Shipping Country Base cost - Under 2kg £ per 0.5kg Over 10kg Delivery Times
United Arab Emirates £20 £1.49 £100 7-10 working days
Australia £20 £2.12 £100 7-10 working days
Canada £28 £3.50 £100 7-10 working days
China £33 £1.84 £100 7-10 working days
Hong Kong £20 £2.28 £100 7-10 working days
Israel £28 £2.12 £100 7-10 working days
Japan £28 £2.50 £100 7-10 working days
Macau £28 £2.40 £100 7-10 working days
Malaysia £20 £2.74 £100 7-10 working days
New Zealand £28 £3.28 £100 7-10 working days
Singapore £20 £1.43 £100 7-10 working days
Taiwan £33 £1.84 £100 7-10 working days
South Africa £28 £3.53 £100 7-10 working days

Information About Online Shopping at JoJo Maman Bebe.

International online shopping at JoJo Maman Bebe. JoJo Maman Bebe - The maternity collection is designed in-house and tested by pregnant women, with every care taken to ensure that the fit and style is comfortable, flattering and affordable. The baby and children’s clothes appeal to parents looking for individual, quirky styles for their children and high quality basics which can be handed down to younger siblings.

Why do we like the JoJo Maman Bebe website?
Most popular UK baby shop.

Their most popular line of waterproof rainwear is currently manufactured entirely of recycled materials, down to the waddings and linings.

Designing these more environmentally friendly items enables us to minimise their energy use and CO2 emissions to aid in the fight against global warming in addition to decreasing trash.

To help their clients keep their clothing in better condition, JoJo Maman Bebe constantly encourages their consumers to learn basic mending techniques. Their Make Do and Mend handbook includes detailed instructions on how to repair holes, stitch buttons, and more.

Since cotton makes up the majority of their newborn and children's clothing, JoJo Maman Bebe partners with Better Cotton to ensure that the cotton they source is as sustainable for the environment and the people who cultivate it as possible.

The most important raw material for us in production is cotton, which is utilised in all of JoJo's baby layette styles, about 90% of their kids' collection, and several maternity lines. This makes it even more crucial for us to encourage their teams to look into the cotton production methods that are most environmentally friendly, which prompts us to...

As a proud member of Better Cotton, JoJo Maman Bebe is dedicated to enhancing cotton growing methods all throughout the world.

By 2025, they promise to source all of their cotton as Better Cotton as part of their continuous sustainability plan.

With over two million cotton farmers participating in 23 countries across five continents, Better Cotton is the largest sustainability initiative in the world.

You can help Better Cotton Farmers, who struggle to protect the environment and uphold the rights and wellbeing of workers all across the world, by purchasing cotton products from JoJo.

They accomplish this by adhering to important cotton production principles, such as:

Do your JoJo clothes have "Better Cotton"?

They cannot directly link Better Cotton to the final items like they can with their recycled polyester clothing. The swing tag or product descriptions online can be used to identify JoJo cotton items that promote sustainable farming.

In the end, it doesn't matter how much Better Cotton is contained in each sleepwear item or T-shirt; what matters is the demand they generate for the use of more sustainably grown cotton. In proportion to the amount they "source," Better Cotton Farmers profit from the demand for Better Cotton.

FSC® Certified Wood

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) contributes to the preservation of forests for all time. Now FSC®-certified, JoJo Maman Bébé.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) recently granted certification to JoJo, and they now have permission to use the FSC trademark on related timber and paper products.

Many of their own-brand items are created from wood and paper that have been responsibly obtained using the FSC system, and they are actively seeking to continue using FSC®-certified materials in more of their products.

Promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial, and commercially successful management of the world's forests is the goal of the FSC, a non-profit organisation.

The FSC® mark guarantees that the cut trees are replaced or allowed to organically regrow.

In order to preserve uncommon plants and animals, certain areas of the forest are completely protected.

The FSC upholds indigenous peoples' rights to utilise the forest. Any sacred locations that they may have in the forest are immune from being cut down. FSC guarantees that the advantages of the forest will be available to future generations.

The owner of the forest must employ locals and provide them a fair wage while also providing them with proper training and safety equipment.

How Does This Affect JoJo?

You may be sure that they were created from materials that were sustainably sourced because only products that they can identify as FSC back to source are allowed to use the FSC trademark.

Many of their wooden toys are labelled as such on particular product pages and packaging, and they only utilise wood from FSC®-certified forests.

In order to provide a more environmentally responsible option to conventional viscose, they have been working to increase their selection of sustainable viscose maternity styles.

JoJo is constantly seeking for methods to make more environmentally friendly decisions and lessen their influence on the environment. Because of this, they continually add more maternity styles made of sustainable viscose to their inventory. This type of viscose is produced using wood and pulp from sustainably managed forests and emits fewer greenhouse gases during production.

Birla Cellulose Livaeco
Livaeco by Birla Cellulose is a sustainably made viscose brought to you by a world leader in sustainability. To assist you in making the more environmentally friendly decision, it is made from naturally renewable resources and produced with less water and emissions than usual. The fabric is used in many of their pregnancy nightwear styles since it has been created to be incredibly soft, cosy, and gracefully drape. • 900 litres of water are saved (equal to the daily drinking water need of 200 people) • Reduces gas emissions by 300 grammes (equal to planting six trees per tonne of Livaeco by Birla Cellulose fibres) 100% sustainably harvested wood; source-traceable; fast biodegradable ECOVEROTM LENZINGTM

LENZINGTM ECOVEROTM Viscose is made using an eco-friendly production process that complies with high environmental standards and generates up to 50% fewer emissions and water usage than typical, making it a better option for a reduced environmental impact while still looking and feeling great. It is derived from certified renewable wood sources. Many of their maternity dresses feature LENZINGTM ECOVEROTM, which is made to flow over your body and keep you comfortable.

Packaging From their despatch bags to their clothing labels, they are always looking for ways to enhance and make their packaging more sustainable.

They are constantly seeking for new, more environmentally friendly methods to operate their company as a force for good. This involves reducing the use of environmentally damaging materials.

They continually assess their packaging options to maximise the use of sustainable raw resources.

Their shipping despatch bags will switch from recycled plastic to environmentally sourced paper as of March 2021. Their customers will find it simpler to recycle them as a result.

Even though they always urge their clients to avoid using bags, if they choose to buy a paper bag from us, the money we get will go toward their carbon-offsetting initiatives.

Although they always advise their clients to go bag-free, if they choose to buy a paper bag from us, the money will be utilised to support their carbon-balancing programmes in both Western Africa and the UK.

They try to be as open and honest with their clients as possible, which is why they responded to your inquiries about their plastic clothing bags.

Their Clothing Bags Their clothes is presented in-store on exquisitely crafted wooden hangers. Although they showcase their shoes on plastic hangers, they maintain these and utilise them again for new stock.

Sustainable materials are used to create their swing tags, and in the middle of 2019 they began employing a new form of totally recyclable cling vinyl for all of their window displays.

Sustainable materials are used to create their swing tags, and in the middle of 2019 they began employing a new form of totally recyclable cling vinyl for all of their window displays. This indicates that they have prevented the landfilling of 1730 Sq Metres (or 688kg) of non-recyclable plastic during the last 2.5 years.

Welfare of animals The appropriate procurement of raw materials derived from animals is a priority for JoJo Maman Bébé.

The appropriate procurement of raw materials derived from animals is a priority for JoJo Maman Bébé. However, this is not true for every line. The majority of their product line is produced utilising natural or man-made ingredients that are not of animal origin.

They sell knitwear made of lambswool and cashmere, slippers with leather bottoms, leather shoes, natural shell buttons for their women's clothing, lambskin rugs, and wellington boot insoles. The natural qualities and qualities of these products are particularly chosen since they will outlast synthetic equivalents and be passed down through generations. Wherever animal products are utilised, the raw materials' suppliers must comply with their Animal Welfare Policy and be able to trace their origins. Suppliers are required to have complete supply chain traceability and ethically source any raw materials obtained from animals.

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