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Caramac Bar
Caramac Bar - Nothing tastes quite like the rich golden creaminess of a Caramac! Who can forget the distinctive red and yellow wrapper (takes us back to the 70s), but more to the point, who can forget that lovely caramelly, melt-in-the-mouth taste? Is Caramac chocolate? For me it`s a sweet that occupies the twilight zone between chocolate and non-chocolate - it melts when it gets warm but instead of the traditional chocolate taste you get to savour the richness of condensed milk. Stacks of people think it disappeared years ago, but we`re over the moon to say that the iconic Caramac lives on, and it`s one of the stars here at A Quarter Of. Long live the fabulous Caramac! - Qty In Order: 5 bars

Price: £3.27
(Visit the A Quarter Of... site for the current price!)

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